PT. Stanli Trijaya Mandiri

Our journey started as a family run small bakery in 1988. Weighing and kneading the dough manually, baking it to perfection in a firewood oven and finally using a lit candle to seal the plastic, those are the ways of the old. As our business grew, everything changed, except our commitment to quality.

PT. Stanli Trijaya Mandiri was officially built in the year 2000. During that time, we invested in better machineries and ingredients to create better and better breads for our consumers. That is how our brand Roti Garmelia came to be. The creation of this brand is the reflection of our commitment and dedication to continually improve our products to better serve the market.

In the year 2005, our company branched out into the pre-packed cake industry and the brand Padimas was born. The name “Padimas” itself roughly translates to Golden Wheat as a reflection to our dedication of using the best ingredients to create the tastiest products.

As we grew more aware of the importance of quality and standard for our products, we decided to get certified for ISO 22000 in 2015. It is a sign of our company’s unrelenting efforts to continuously improve the standard and quality of our products.

To get ourselves closer to our consumers, we decided to open our first retail store in 2016, aptly named Garmelia Bakery. The concept of the store is to provide the best quality products with the best value to our consumers so they can enjoy our fresh products daily. As such, we offered freshly baked breads and pastries with various options whether you would want healthy bread, toast bread for your family, or a gift for your friends, our stores have it all.

Today, our products are widely available across Indonesia and we have started to expand overseas to become a truly global company. With decades of experience and our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, we will continue to strive to provide the best quality products with the best value to our customers in the decades to come.


To create great products that make people happy and to be a respected member of the community whilst building sustainable relationships with all the parties involved.


  • To promote the well-being of our employees and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow together
  • To create products that are fun and delicious
  • To create mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers
  • To support the community that we operate in





S : Synergy
T : Trusted
A : Accurate
N : Never Give Up
L : Loyal
I  : Innovative


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Padimas Cream Cake is made from high quality natural ingredients, without preservatives and processed with Japanese tech machines.


Garmelia Bakery

Garmelia Bakery serves bread products that are always fresh from the oven every day. Supported with Halal certificates from the MUI, made with selected ingredients, and without preservatives we guarantee the quality of taste and quality for you.

Ojisan Cake

Authentic Japanese Giant Castella Cake (with Halal MUI Certificate). 1st Giant Castella Cake in Bandung and Fresh From The Oven for you everyday.