Our history begins back in 1988, when our founder, Herry Cahyadi decided to start a venture in the bakery industry. Armed with only knowledge and what little capital he has, he started a small entrepreneurship with less than 10 employees; all busy making bread that is not only nutritious but also delicious.

Years of dedication and hard work have turned the venture into something more than a home industry. In the year 2000, PT Stanli Trijaya Mandiri is established and so our journey begins.

With the help of his employees and family members, Herry Cahyadi started to innovate new products that embody the same principle that became the foundation of this company: Healthy and Delicious.

Abiding by the same principle, PT StanliĀ  Trijaya Mandiri use only the finest ingredients that we source locally and with imported materials. All these ingredientsĀ  are processed using the latest technology to ensure hygienic and safe processing.

Today, we are a growing family company with both national and international product coverage in Indonesia and other countries. We exclusively produce food products, specifically cakes and bread; and are available in both traditional an modern store across the archipelago.